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Dr. Grace Yum is a lifelong resident of the Chicago area, where she grew up in Glenview. She is a mother and a certified pediatric dentist, a certification achieved by only 5% of all dentists in the U.S. Dr. Yum is the former founder and practice owner of Yummy Dental & Orthodontics for Kid and she is also the founder and CEO of Mommy Dentists in Business.

In addition to managing the MDIB community, Dr. Yum hosts her own podcast, Mommy Dentists in Business Podcast. With 11 complete seasons, Dr. Yum’s podcast has been in the iTunes top 100, was ranked #3 of 15 of the top dental podcasts by Patterson Dental’s “Off the Cusp” publication and has been downloaded nearly 80,000 times.

She has quietly become nationally recognized in her field. Dr. Yum has appeared and was featured on TODAY Show on NBC nationally, NBC Chicago as a repeat guest, Parents Magazine, Parenting Magazine, Chicago Parent Magazine. She has also appeared on many podcasts, with topics covering dentistry, work/life balance and business tips for the working mom.

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